Why 13?

Triskaidekaphobia: a fear of the number thirteen.
The origins of this phobia are lost in the mists of time. Some blame Judas, saying he was the thirteenth and final diner at the Last Supper, although the Bible does not reveal the order the guests were seated, and in other areas the number 13 has no such negative connotations.
Babylonian sources are cited by others, but again there is no hard evidence.
Once the belief is established it is easy to retrofit the significant of 13. Take Apollo 13. Launched on April 11th 1970 at 13:13, there was an explosion in an oxygen tank on April 13th at 21:07. How could they have been so careless?The events that led to the explosion were set in motion long before the launch, so again the significance of 13 is dubious.
There are 13 stairs in our house. Thirteen steep, narrow, creaking and sloping steps. For years I could bound up and down the stairs, so long as I minded my head on the low bit of ceiling halfway down. Now, thanks to my constant burdened PD the stairs can be an ordeal in several ways.
Going up?
The last four steps coming at the end throw my balance off as they slope down from back to front. Going up the stairs I can fit from tip of my toe to the ball of my foot,so there is nothing to support my heels. Sometimes, as I cling on to the hand rail I ponder how easy it will be to hire a couple of Sherpas.
Coming down stairs I adopt a crablike method. On the plus side I get to put my whole foot on the step, but even as I cling to the handrail, the downside is the need to cross legs. Even then around step 7 the low ceiling knocks me out of my stride. I have been known to twist round so I am sitting, and I lower right foot, left foot, then lower my bottom, repeat, until I am in position for My Much Better half to raise me to a standing position.
Triskaidekaphobia: a fear of the number thirteen.
The Greek for stair or step is vimata, so maybe
Triskaidekavimataphobia is a rear of thirteen: a fear of thirteen.
All slopes, gradients and general deviations from horizontal, referred to in this post are real, just because I am the only one to detect them does not make me unbalanced.


It can’t possibly get any worse…

  • If Parkinson’s was a comedian, it would be one with an impeccable sense of timing.  Take this morning, no really, I kept the receipt, so take it back. It sure ain’t what I ordered.
    First somehow, when I woke about 5:15,I had managed to get to sleep lying on my left hand side, rendering 50% of me as almost totally useless. I tossed and turned, wriggled and jiffiled, and called out feebly for Mary. It was 6 o’clock when she heard me and helped me up-was worn out. I slumped back onto the bed, took a moment and worked out when my tablets were due… I take them at 7:30 and it was 6:45 The three quarters of an hour is easily filled with putting some clothes on, over my pyjamas to keep me warm. My socks ganged up on me and were inside out so fixing that took an age. I take my tablets, wait til they kick in a bit, and then attempt the descent of the stairs. The fates are smiling on me and I scamper down them. (The word scamper is used ironically, as a shorthand for, by clinging on to the hand rail and with the speed and agility of an arthritic sloth. That’s just in case anyone from the DWP or any PiP assessors are reading this.) I breakfast on toast and, having checked when the cab we share to Yoga is due (10:20) begin to get ready slowly, while my much better half whizzes and zips around me, (not literally, just relatively to my movement) She swims on a Monday morning and leaves at 9:40.
    I am partially dressed for Yoga and have half an hour to finish get ready. My tablet is due at 10, but has already passed its high point. (I’m not sure using the word ‘high’ in a paragraph about drugs…) with a strength sapping effort, I manage to get off the loo. Now to finish dressing. All I am lacking is my yoga toe socks, with the grippy soles, ordinary socks, a pair of loose fitting tracksuit bottoms, my Velcro fastening trainers. I start to tremor. This makes putting my toe sox doubtful, especially as I didn’t turn them out properly. Panic rising, making me shakier. I ditch the grippy sole toe socks and focus on getting my ordinary socks on and simultaneously sending a message that says I might not be ready…
    Try as I might I can’t get the socks on and with too many items missing I give up and wave the cab goodbye.
    By 11 when the class starts, my tablet has kicked in and, no longer up against a deadline, my tremor is much reduced. By ten past I am in my lounge around at home outfit. I spend the morning, at home, feeling sorry for my self.
    Now you might think that my afternoon has to be better. Yeah right. Firstly I just manage to finish my lunch before I fall asleep. It’s a side effect, but an annoying one. This time when I do wake up my Much Better half noticed my apple core had slipped off my plate before she took the plate from me. I’d been sitting on it ever since!
    Now you might think that my afternoon couldn’t possibly get any worse. Yeah right. My Much Better half left for an appointment , she’d be gone for about an hour. . I decided I had time to “nip” to the loo, before my 15:00 tablet. For some reason today, how can I put this, ‘my docking manoeuvre’, left me at the wrong angle; try as I might, I couldn’t push myself up. So there I was, “on the throne” for the next hour and a quarter, during that time I tried and failed many times, until I gave up and waited for my Much Better half returned.
    Now you might think my evening couldn’t be worse than my afternoon…
    It’s now 7:20 and nothing has happened yet…
    I have written this in the hope that if someone, somewhere who is having a really bad day, might just read this, have a laugh at my expense and feel a bit better, then my struggles won’t have been in vain.

Fat Cat Thursday

It is 6:15 am. I hover on the edge of sleep but am too uncomfortable and too likely to need the loo, let’s see what’s in the news.
Fat Cat Thursday. Fat Cat Thursday? People with a penchant for fat cats have chosen a strange and rather early day in the year to promote fat Cat pride.

Then the penny dropped… oh that sort of fat cat
Bosses of top British companies will have made more money by lunchtime on Thursday than the average UK worker will earn in the entire year.” This is according to an independent analysis of the vast gap in pay between chief executives and everyone else. It’s reported in a reputable news paper website, so it is unlikely to be ‘fake news’. As a bonus there is some maths too.

Chief executives of FTSE 100 companies are paid a median average of £3.45m a year, which works out at 120 times the £28,758 collected by full-time UK workers on average.

Looking with your mathematical glasses on Is the calculation sensible and the answer reasonable? The chief execs figure is specified as the median. This is the middle value when the values are put in order. The type of average used for the workers is unspecified. Some hasty research is called for… but leaves the question unanswered, or I suppose answered twice one source saying it is the median, whilst another say it is the mean.

We’ve been here before. Let’s make up an easy example.
Chief Executive A £50k, B £10k and C £12k.
Put them in order smallest first: 10, 12, 50. The median is 12
What if A had been twice as much?
10, 12, 100. The median is still 12. The mean would have risen from £24k to just under £41k. The moral of this is that if you want to ‘hide’ extremely large or small values use the median.
To be fair they did tell us it was the median.

As it is the FTSE100, it splits 50 and 50 there isn’t a single middle value, so you find the mean of the two middle values.

On an hourly basis the bosses will have earned more in less than three working days than the average employee will pick up this year, leading campaigners to dub the day “Fat Cat Thursday”.

I make no judgement on their worth, I am sure there is no tax avoidance nor evasion going on and I ponder for a moment how they could get some good publicity with charitable donations.

The is a sentence which bothers me.

The highest paid chief executive in the analysis, which is based on 2016 figures, was Sir Martin Sorrell, who was paid £48m by advertising firm WPP. In 2015 WPP paid Sorrell £70m. His reduced pay helped bring down the FTSE 100 chief executives’ median pay packages from £3.97m in 2015 to £3.45m in 2016.

Since Sir Martin is the highest paid executive in both years, his extremely high figure is not going to be one of the two middle values and so his reduced pay is not responsible for lowering the median value.

So Guardian journalist – brush up those maths skills! I’m going to look for YouTube clips of fat cats

And Finally…

“And finally…”  was the lead in to the last joke on the Two Ronnie s.

Here are a couple: And Finally, it was revealed in a government survey published today that the Prime Minister is doing the work of two men. The Chuckle Brothers.

And finally, we’ve just heard that a juggernaut of onions has shed its load all over the M-1. Motorists are advised to find a hard shoulder to cry on.

But I digress. 2017 has been a challenging one in many ways, but also one with hidden nuggets of gold. Having set out upon my quixotic task of recording the story of Team Talbot, Guildford, I have sent out many speculative e-mails asking people what they can remember about National League Basketball in the early Eighties. This is where I found my gold. Not in the sense of getting crucial or useful information, although I have. No my gold was in the form of the kindness shown by every one I have contacted. From the random official at Basketball England who faced with an email that was about events long ago, that meant nothing to him, took the time to forward it to someone who might have been able to help. He was able to help.

In this way I’ve been put in touch with statisticians, John and David. From the ranks of Team Talbot people, Alastair and Barry. It is good to be in touch again.

So why basketball for my final year-spanning post I hear you say? MIM at the WICB.  The World Invitation Club Basketball was a tournament, providing something to put on Grandstand over the holiday period. Every year Murray International Metals from Scotland, seemed to play in the first match at the on New Year’s Day. In a largely empty National Sports Centre @9:30 ish. The Scots in the MIM teams, who I understand partied enthusiastically, then played like pale, zombies. So, as an aside, please raise your glasses in salute, to the unknown Scottish sportsman. For right now, on January 1st, somewhere in the world a Scottish sportsman is playing on, even though they feel shite!

Talking of feeling shite, my Parkinson’s meds are still in a DOSO situation. Delayed Onset, Sudden Off.

For that half an hour or so, between the delayed onset and the sudden off, when I am at my peak for the day, I feel like a MIM player on New Years Day at the WICB And the rest of the time I feel worse! Happy New Year!

via Daily Prompt: Finally

The amazing versatili

I was was browsing the M&S website, under instructions from my much better half to find something I’d like for my birthday. I gravitated towards rugby shirts as I have had them in the past and they have proved good value for money.

What I hadn’t realised was their amazing versatility, until I read this…


The modern wear-anywhere staple, no wardrobe is complete without a flattering fitted dress. From minimal shifts, to bodycon through to LBDs find your ideal shape to take you from desk through to drinks without skipping a style beat. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

Read more at http://www.marksandspencer.com/l/men/tops-tshirts-and-polos/rugby-shirts-n-byrvm#G2cRKYe1uCmSPQ6L.99



Who would have thought it. This screams of a “Friday afternoon, co-workers already leaving for the pub” situation. An idea flits across a tired mind… ‘noone is going to read it anyway, our customers all know what a rugby shirt looks like… i’ll Just do a quick cut and paste

A little too quick alas. There is some stuff about dresses with a bit of “Loren ipsum” thrown in for good measure.

i sent feedback about it and it was changed within the hour. Lucky I took a picture!


Supporting the underdog

via Daily Prompt: Underdog

Supporting the underdog isn’t an easy choice.  Sometimes it isn’t even a choice. Until the last few years generation after generation of Manchester City fans were faced with a lifetime of of supporting the underdog, in the shadow of their rivals Manchester United.  One City fan Colin Schindler even titled his book ‘Manchester United Ruined My Life’.  Not anymore, now the rivalry is between equals.

The previous entry on my blog is about another underdog.

Imagine a dance competition for celebrities.  Some have danced professionally. Some  have a background in light entertainment, some went to one of the many Stage Schools, such as Italia Conte. Then again let’s balance it up with some stars who have done none of these things. That popular vicar, who used to be in a band; the Television chef whose experience is limited to ‘dad dancing’ at birthdays and weddings. The diminutive Scottish comedienne whose fleetness of foot belies her rather rotund figure.

And then there is our underdog hero. He is a multi-gold medal winning athlete. Sportsmen and women from football, rugby, athletics, swimming and gymnastics have competed with varying degrees of success.

Our underdog hero is different. Two of his gold medals were at the Paralympics in London and Rio.  Step forward amputee Paralympic next, friend of “The Last Leg” and absolute legend Jonnie Peacock. His challenge was valiant, he reached the hallowed dance floor at Blackpool, before losing out in slightly controversial circumstances, to one of the favourites,  in a survival dance off.  As I say read more about it in my previous post.

Take a bow Jonnie Peacock, a truly heroic underdog.



Strictly Judge faux pas de deux

Strictly Judge faux pas de deux

Jonnie Peacock: what a absolute inspiration and class act.
Shirley Ballas: she may have retired from competitive dancing, but she is still flexible enough to repeatedly put her foot in her mouth.
In case you follow neither the Paralympics nor the BBC show Strictly Come Dancing, you might need a bit of background.
Jonnie is a sprinter. He won his second Paralympic gold in Rio clocking a time of 10:81 seconds, to go with his golds at London 2012 and World Championships. He is a below the knee amputee, a result of meningitis when he was five. He has made guest appearances on ‘The Last Leg’. This autumn he has been one of the stars of Strictly. (We are all on first name terms with the show). Paired with professional dancer Oti Mabuse, he has blazed a trail as the shows first amputee.
Shirley won the International Latin American Dance Championships twice and the Uk Open Championship for Professional Latin. She placed second in Professional World Latin Dance Championships on three occasions. She replaced Len Goodman as head judge on Strictly this year.
In the last few weeks she has proved to be a real show stopper, silencing the crowd by her repeated “did she really just say that to an amputee” comments on Jonnie’s performances. Every week she criticises his posture telling him that he “sticks his bum out” before saying that better balance would “make his legs (that’s correct, legs, plural) work better”.
She did it again this week before the least suspenseful dance off of all time, pitting Jonnie and Oti against judges favourite the ‘lovely’ Debbie McGee, as I understand we are obliged to describe her, and her professional partner, Giovanni. (As an aside she was once the subject of a line voted the second best one liner of all time – On a spoof chat show Caroline Aherne, in her role as pensioner Mrs Merton asked “so Debbie what was it that first attracted you to millionaire Paul Daniels?”)
Forgive me I digress.
Now I don’t know anything about the intricacies of how the marking works for ballroom dancing. On Strictly I am however, perturbed by the sight of the judges discussing, presumably, what mark they are going to give, so every time the voting follows the pattern, low, +1 or2, same or +1, same or +1.
So for instance 4, 6,6, 7, = 23 marks for a weaker performance or, 6,7,9,8 = 30 for something more polished, up to 9,10,10,10 = 39 for Debbie and Gio.
It may be my maths geekiness, but I want to know if it is marked to reflect the degree of difficulty, or if there is some weighting system. How does a faultless but easy routine compare to a difficult routine performed wth errors? I have no idea and I suspect not as one of the pros was suggesting it. So a trained dancer, who had danced with a national ballet company, would be marked more ‘Strictly’ than a total novice.
Then there is the telephone voting for the fans. These figures are not made public. The BBC say that this to maintain interest’ and the need to keep the public voting for their favourites, raising money for charity, even if they have no chance of winning. Is it a simple list where the order is all that matters.

Anyway back to Jonnie and Oti against Debbie and Gio. There have been muttering on social media that in the Dance off Jonnie made no mistakes whereas Debbie did. Since the decision is supposed to based purely on the dance-off, there are some fans saying Jonnie and Oti were robbed.
Others tell of the fact that the judges have been pressured in inflating the marks.

The decision made, it was time for Jonnie to show his absolute class. Now if it had been me, I would have been tempted to remove my prosthetic leg and either batter Shirl to a pulp with it or plonk it on the desk in front of her, telling Shirl how much it hurt just to stand sometimes.

Jonnie Peacock is a better man than I am. Movingly – and importantly – the athlete and amputee thanked the panel for judging him “as an equal” throughout the competition.
“I think it’s been an absolute honour to be the first disabled person, and I just want to thank each and every one of you for judging me as an equal,” he told the four judges. “That’s what I want. You can criticise me; I want that criticism. I think that’s fantastic and hopefully it’s paved the way for more people to come through – and I think they may be able to tuck their bum under a little bit better than me.”

In case Shirl is still judging then here are some useful phrases for her to learn.
1. What she said: your posture is all wrong you are sticking your bum out. What she should have said: I realise that lower limb amputees often find that since they can’t get sufficient drive from the knee, they use their hips more, hence a bottom that sticks out, so I won’t be crass enough to mention it every week.
2. What she said: you are still sticking your bum out. What she should have said: Jonnie, you are an inspiration, the precision and deftness of your footwork is just in-cred-ible.
3. What she said: you need to get your head directly above your hips and feet in a straight line, this will improve your balance and get your legs work better. What she should’ve said: Your willingness to overlook the fact that whilst I was once a good dancer I know absolutely nothing about the problems you face and couldn’t be arsed to do some research into biomechanics so I could have made genuinely helpful criticisms or at the very least not insulting banalities.

Interesting Shirl’s favourite Debbie is an injury doubt for tonight’s show. Debbie is worried about an injury sustained while practising for last week’s samba, which could hinder her performance this weekend. She is quoted as saying “The samba really pulled the muscles over my hip bones. It actually felt like a tendon had gone over my hip bone, and when I put my weight on my left foot it kept giving way and my leg was buckling.”
A pulled muscle?
Don’t make me laugh.
Either sequin-up, dance and stop being pathetic or pull out of the show… maybe there is an athlete who knows how to tackle real adversity and laugh in its face who could take your place!

Uisce – Super Substance

Those of you who know me are probably aware of my attitude towards alternative medication or natural supplements. If one of these supplements or treatments was really the panacea, a wonder drug which cured everything, medical science would have probably found out by now and we wouldn’t all be taking sinemet every few hours.
however I don’t wish to upset anyone, so my standard response is, “If it works for you then fine, I am pleased for you.”
I have found my own talismanic supplement. “Uisce” (pronounced Wee-ske) is the common name of this amazing 100% NATURAL chemical compound. Dihydrogen monoxide (DHMO) or hydric acid. It is a colourless and odourless liquid and plays a part in the transportation of vital nutrients like minerals, vitamins and amino acids to cells and extract waste from every cell.
Uisce has been known for centuries to affect the efficiency of the nervous system and plays a role in the flow of blood in the brain. If you have sufficient Uisce in your diet, it is an indisputable fact that ones Parkinson’s medication works better.
Signs that you have insufficient Uisce in your diet…
Feeling thirsty is just one of the symptoms that you might feel if you’re lacking Uisce, but it is not the only one.
Warning signs of Uisce deficiency also include
* Fatigue or weakness
* Dizziness
* Headaches
* Muscle cramps
* Dry mouth, nose or skin
* Lack of sweating or tears
* Upper abdominal pain or lower back pain
* Constipation
Foods that are high in Uisce
watermelon, oranges, cantaloupe, cucumber, celery, tomatoes, cabbage and spinach
Things which reduce the effectiveness of Uisce
Consuming alcohol, caffeine, hot liquids, high protein drinks and other diuretics
i must add, for balance some points critics of Uisce make.
It has been found to be an integral part of the belief system of multiple world religions.
It has been connected to illlegal interrogation methods at Guantanamo Bay
In its liquid form it can be fatal if inhaled.
in its solid form a small amount will cause numbing coldness.
in its solid form in large amounts it can cause balance problems
some groups have even called for it to be banned read more here Arguments against Uisce or DHMO
I leave you to make your own minds up…

The Last Dance

It shouldn’t have been such a shock.

Having announced that their 2016 album “The Story” was to be their last studio album, Runrig fans everywhere clung to the faint hope that every two or three years there might be a tour , where the old favourites might get an airing.

It’s all over now. Runrig will make one final tour “The Final Mile”, ending up at Stirling for “The Last Dance”, a final open air gig. Having been at the 30th Anniversary concert at Stirling Castle, the idea of one last hurrah at the last ever Runrig concert, flickered briefly but even with my rosiest rose tinted spectacles I knew it wasn’t a realistic option.  Even if by some miracle I could last out at the gig and enjoy it, the fact that my much better half didna see any of the concert until we got the DVD, since she is a bit short for crowds, was the clincher.

The tickets went in a flash. It was reported that there was no accommodation available within a realistic distance of Stirling (not even the bus shelter just off the high street; Big Gordie and Tam have claimed that already and no amount of Special Brew will tempt them out.

Tickets were seen at inflated prices on the net. The miserable, slimy, scumbag, ticket touts were in action. To give as many fans a chance as possible Runrig announced a second final concert on the Friday.

Our hopes rest on the (as yet unannounced) English leg of the tour…

I have one pressing problem. When I am feeling a bit down I listen to Runrig, especially live versions that feature a soaring uplifting solo by Malcolm Jones. If I listen to it now it reminds why I am sad…

What I did this summer

If you or someone you know has Parkinson’s and prefer not to read about possible developments in their condition watch out for the warning and jump straight to the end.

It’s been a long time between posts this last couple of months.

Missed me? [1]

Does anybody even notice?
Does anybody even care? [2]

Where have you been, I hear you asking.
Have I been reclining on a sun bed, on the deck of a luxury yacht, moored in a secluded bay on the Isle of Capri, while negotiating an offer to turn this blog into a movie?
Have we been living in a mansion house on the Isle of Skye, exchanging witty comments with our specially invited guests. I won’t say who, not being one to name drop, just think of an episode of QI, with Stephen, Sandy, Alan, Victoria and David, (no not those two, think the wittiest, not the most famous!)? [3]
Was there a fire at the shop in London, on the Isle of Dogs, from which I, in common with many other bloggers, purchase ideas for blog posts wholesale, causing the Great Blog Writer’s Block crisis of 2017? [4]
The reason is so achingly prosaic, I am reluctant, even to mention it, let alone blog about it.


It is as dull as ditchwater. My Parkinson’s has been a total and utter, right royal pain in the ar.. neck.

Annoyingly I have been suffering from a doso situation (as nobody calls it). [5]
Delayed Onset, Sudden Off.
Perhaps due to my horrifically high levels of background stress (long and, as yet, unfinished story) or the fact that I have been on basically the same medication since 2006 and cannot really up the dosage any higher, I have for much of the summer, many times a day, been slumped, uncomfortably, unable to rise to a standing position from any seated position without help.
At this point I shall pause. Just think about things you do sitting down … yes that’s the one, and you can see how depressing and embarrassing this has been.
In my Off-state I need help doing anything you can think of. Dressing, undressing, moving.
Imagine lying in bed, in an uncomfortable position, knowing that if you could move your body just a centimetre one way, then you would be completely comfortable, but, instead, being totally unable to move…
Imagine a family meal in a busy restaurant, when you are in a delayed onset moment, unable to manipulate the knife and fork except v..e..r..y… s…l…o…w…l…y, so your lovely tasty meal will be cold by the time you eat it, so your much better half has to cut it up for you.
On the plus side of the DOSO, I have made my GP look like a miracle worker. Experiencing a sudden off my Parkinson’s Nurse fixed it for me to get an emergency appointment so my GP could see how bad I was, give me the once over and send off a blood test. I shuffled in barely able to raise each foot more than a nanometre off the ground.In the time I was in there my meds kicked in and I could have danced like Fred Astaire, but settled for striding purposefully through reception. In a film one patient in the waiting room would have turned to the person next to them and said “I want the medicine he is on.”
The second thing was my invention of a new extreme sport, especially for PwPs. If you take the definition of an extreme sport to be ‘an activity that provides an adrenaline rush and a frisson of danger’, then this activity fits the bill. Provisionally called SOStairDescent, it works like this. Stand on the upstairs landing. If you are playing the advanced level you have to carry a bag, weighted by the addition of a water bottle. Using the hand rail begin your descent of the 13 steps. Roughly halfway down you set of the house alarm. There is a delay before the alarm being activated and it going off – can you make it down the last six steps and key in the off code? If that doesn’t get your tremors tremoring I don’t know what will.

*********** End of spoilers alert

So if you are still wondering where I’ve been between posts this summer, I have been in the slough of despond, [6] near to the vale of tears [7] just take the A23 Croydon exit on the M25. [8] & [9]

Footnotes: how many quotes did you spot and how much of the trivia did you know
[1] Missed me?” Buffy in Season 2 ep1
[2] Does anybody even notice? Does anybody even care?” from “Once More With Feeling” the musical episode, the lyric comes from Dawn’s Lament.
[3] I refer to Victoria Coren Mitchell and her hubbie David Mitchell [wittiest] and not the more famous Victoria and David Beckham, although if they did pop round for a cuppa that wouldn’t be a problem.
[4] I can’t remember the author, I’m guessing Douglas Adams, who would tell fans who asked where he got his ideas, would tell them that he bought them.
[5] The Crystal Maze is back, which is nice. “DOSO situation” is a tribute to the new host Richard Ayoade and his ALIS.
[6]. Nothing to do with Slough, which I am sure is a lovely place. The slough of despond – was a deep muddy bog, It comes from The Pilgrim’s Progress, representing something difficult to get through.
[7] Vale of tears – life on earth before believers ascend into heaven. On Dave, the tv channel, there is a series where the comedian John Bishop has a conversation with a celebrity. Last week the guest was Jimmy Carr. If I remember right they were talking about Carr having been brought up as a catholic, but now he wasn’t. Then Carr said something very profound. He envied people with a faith, because it was comforting ~ no matter how bad things were here in the vale of tears, they would be rewarded in heaven.
[8] it is widely believed the M25 is the Road To Hell in the Chris Rea song. It might be, but it could be the A19 at Middlesbrough, in the part of the country he is from.
[9] Contrary to popular belief the M25 does not fully encircle London. At the Dartford Crossing both the northern tunnels and the southern bridge are designated as the A282, allowing vehicles prohibited from being on motorway to use the crossing.

Well what a mix of topics,all you have to do now is add Parkinson’s and shake well.
(That would make a good name for a blog…)