Please forgive the long gap since my last post.
We have had a heatwave, the hottest June day since 1976. It’s hard to type a blog entry when you feel so hot that the sweat is dripping off my forehead and nose. Using the iPad when you are a puddle of sweat probably invalidates the warranty anyway.
As a nation we have a reputation to protect, or do I mean stereotype to live down to?

Whilst the knotted handkerchief may have passed into disuse, there are still many old friends for the press to fall back on, so, without any further delay, let’s play the amazing HeatWave game.
Simply score points by finding these heat wave cliches in the news or everyday life.
1. Score 1 point for everyone who says ‘hot enough for you?’
2. Score 1 point for finding a story in the press about the heatwave, illustrated by a photo of a young woman sunbathing in a London park or on Bournemouth Beach.
3. Score 1 point for finding a photo of tourists paddling in Trafalgar Square.
4. Score two points for a story linking the heat and alcohol to an outbreak of violence. Score 5 bonus points if they have the nerve to write ‘As temperatures soared alcohol fuelled violence flared in xxxxxx ‘
5. Score two points for finding a victim of terrible sunburn.
6. Score two points for finding a report that quotes the Australian ‘slip, slap, slop’ advice.
7. Score 10 points for finding a story pointing out the difference between ‘global warming’, ‘climate change’ and the weather.
8. Score 5 points for a story about male workers or boys at school wearing skirts because the uniform regulations don’t allow them to wear shorts. Score two bonus points if any of them have gone the extra mile and shaved their legs.
9. Score one point for the forecast of thunderstorms and torrential rain.
10. Score 1 point if you know a person with Parkinson’s who complains about the fine line between drinking enough water to stay hydrated and drinking too much water so as to cause the frequent and urgent need for a pee!

Enjoy the game!


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