I have created a short morning exercise routine, taking inspiration from the many exercise clips on you tube and their associated sites.  Some of it is seated, some standing but with a chair for support. It isn’t strenuous it just stretches me gently and gets my limbs moving.

The idea is this: done in the morning, by following this set of movements, I will be mobile and flexible enough to face my personal daily Nemesis – getting dressed in general and putting my socks on in particular.

It is too warm now for us to have the heating on, even for a little bit first thing in the morning.  After all it is June ° c (As I may have mentioned, my much better half uses a calendar to measure temperature!)  However, with my relatively small working temperature range I can’t afford to start the day off cold, so I just need to get something warmer than my pajamas on and some socks to keep my feet warm…

And here’s the rub*.  In order to do the stretches to help me get dressed more easily, I have to get dressed!  This is I believe a Parkinsonian Catch 22.

I’m open to suggestions…




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