In an earlier post I spoke of my plans to play the recorder in an attempt to keep my manual dexterity as high as possible and to be able to have control over my breathing.

So how is it going I hear you ask? (I am not hearing voices just employing a figure of speech.)

The first problem I have faced is that not everyone likes the sound of me practicing. As one of these is my much better half, I have limited the time spent practising.  I believe the problem is a combination of the shrillness and the repetition. Also in the need for good relations with our shift working neighbour, I have to consider the possibility that he is asleep, or at least trying to sleep.

Next problem is the copious amounts of saliva my Parkinson’s allows me to produce when it is not needed.  With my wooden recorders needing to be “broken in” as the saliva causes to wood to swell, so I am using my plastic recorders, which don’t sound quite as nice.

But here goes.

The piece is ‘Song for Ten’ composed by Murray Gold, for the TV series Dr Who. This unfinished arrangement is by me.


unfortunately the site will only let me play a video if I upgrade to a paid service. I’ll have to find another way…



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