On the twelfth day of my countdown my true love sent to me
Twelve* Time Lords leaping
The Doctor’s speech in The Eleventh Hour
Ten of the Master’s drummers
The number Nine shirt from Rory’s stag party
Eight faces of the Master
Seven unsung heroes
Six sonic screwdrivers
Beethoven’s fifth symphony
Four mondasian cybermen,
Three Doctors arriving,
Two Petronella Osgoods
and a madman in a blue box

Ok 12 may not be the exact number, because there is John Hurt’s “The War Doctor”, and Ten (David Tennant) regenerated as himself, do they count as different. Didn’t Donna Noble become Doctor Donna at one point. (Yes see a clip HERE)
Then there is the question of what counts as canonical- do we count Peter Cushing in his films, or the comic relief specials…
I don’t have time for this. I only have two hours to get ready for the first episode of the new series tonight on BBC One



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