Number 6 in a series of many
The Comfy Chair

There is an episode of Doctor Who where the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) amuses himself with this exchange with the alien de jour
Doctor: Well at least we’ve got comfy chairs.
Alien: we have no need for ‘comfy chairs’.
Doctor: I made him say comfy chairs!

This exchange might have been a homage to Monty Python’s Spanish Inquisition, who used the comfy chair as an instrument of torture.

The thing is that sometimes the Pythons view is spot on. Oh the fear and dread the phrase “we’ve saved you the comfy chair” instills in me.
First I am tall 1.93m/6’3″. If the chair is too low, i. e. the right height for short/normal folk, (it’s something to do with the height of my knees when sitting, relative to the height of my bottom) getting up can feel like an achievement worthy of at least a bronze medal, silver if I don’t wobble as I stand up.
Second ‘comfy chairs’ tend to be very soft and squishy. This makes getting up even harder as, when I try to move, the seat provides minimal resistance to assist me, as I try to move by pushing myself up with my arms.
Thirdly, knowing I suffer when I am cold, kind people will even move the chair next to a fire or radiator. Now as you know from one of my earlier posts, (The Goldilocks Moment, back in September) like a lot of PwP I have a fairly narrow range of temperatures in which I function optimally. So the proximity of the fire can with time become a source of discomfort.

So for me the phrase ‘comfy chair’ conjures up an image of me, trapped, swelteringly hot, immobile, shaking and exhausted from the effort of trying to find a comfortable way to sit.

You would not believe the trouble my much better half and I had finding a two-seater sofa that was comfortable for both of us, or actually, least uncomfortable for each of us!


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