i am having hours of endless fun since I watched The Last Leg (Channel 4, Friday @ 10pm although I didn’t see it until Saturday having recorded it on the Sky Box.)

A viewer had noticed some minor similarities between the latest trailer for the new series of Doctor Who (BBC One, 15/042017) and the opening credits for The Last Leg.

Have a look  Dr Who Trailer and Last Leg Credits  Isn’t that just fantastic?

Using my iPad and IPhone I’ve been listening to one whilst watching the other and I can’t decide which is funniest.If you get the timing just right the Dr Who audio  tells us about Adam Hills.

“The first time you meet him, he’s funny. The second time he’s amazing. The third time you realise he is the most dangerous man in the universe. He says he is a man of peace; but he walks in war. I’m having the time of my life and I wouldn’t miss a minute of it – even if it kills me”

On the flip side watching The Doctor, Nardole and Bill striding in slow motion the The strains of ‘Harder Than You Think’ is just brilliant.

Some people say the next Doctor should be a woman.

some people say the next Doctor should be be Black or Asian.

But I think now some people will be saying it has to be Adam Hills, if only because in a time when reconciliation and understanding are in short supply he would be a Doctor with empathy for the Dalek’s mobility problems.

Plus Alex (the one who asks stupid questions so The Doctor can explain the plot) and Josh (why shouldn’t a hobbit be a companion, although a lack of Pret A Manger outlets in the rest of the universe could be a problem,) would make for interesting companions.

I’ve reluctantly accepted that I’d be no good. My much better other half won’t trust me with a screwdriver let alone a sonic screwdriver. Also the time travel would completely mess up the timing of my Parkinson’s medication! When I told her of this decision, she said that I had just made the universe a safer place. I think that was a compliment. . .


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