via Daily Prompt: Devastation

Devastation    [dev-uh-stay-shuh-n]

Noun  1. The act of devastating, destruction. 2. Devastated state, desolation

Well if you’re looking for cheery, light-hearted whimsy, the title is a clue that this may not be the blog post for you – try one of my others,  some of them have jokes in!

By now you’ve put two and two together and are thinking this is going to be a tear-jerking account of when my consultant neurologist dropped the Parkinson’s Bomb and my devastation at the news.

Actually it isn’t. We were on the same wavelength. He was very thorough, testing for all sorts of conditions, likely and unlikely until he broke the sad news. “I have bad news; you’re not going to get a disease named after you and I’m not going to make my fortune writing about you. You just have Parkinson’s.” It was merely the final station on a journey of diagnosis. I was not devastated, more resigned.

The devastation came later. I had claimed on my Critical Illness insurance policy. At this stage I had an annoying tremor, but little else, I had been diagnosed very early on. I was gearing up for a long battle with the insurance company, knowing what they can be like. They paid up right away. Looking at the large cheque, I began to cry uncontrollably. If the insurance company were paying out it must be bad. . .

Here is a link to a suitably cheery Runrig song “Life is”



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