via Daily Prompt: Float

I have never been a great swimmer. We had lessons at school where we would all pile on a coach and be driven to the local swimming pool. I think part of the problem was that as a non-swimmer I was kept in the shallow end meaning when I stood up there was at least as much of me out of the water as was in the water, so it was a cold, wet and miserable feeling.

Four or five years ago I could manage a slow, head up out of the water, almost breaststroke. In pools with a deep end I’d find a depth at which I could walk on the bottom of pool and have my head above water, and “jog” widths.

Now I must mention the achievements of my much better half. Four or five years ago she was a non-swimmer, frustrated by not getting the full use of the pool on our summer holidays. She started lessons and now she swims three times a week,  64 lengths of the 25m pool at a time. That’s a mile.

Inspired by her example a couple of years ago I tried again with her as my teacher. Try and float on your back she said, that’s easy. I couldn’t. As my PD causes me balance issues on try land I assume it’s made me lose my ability to float. This summer she was swimming two lengths in the time it took me to manage a width (using a float to keep me afloat!) and I was exhausted.

Float? I wish!


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