via Daily Prompt: Tempted

I like to watch football on the TV and, thanks to multi-channel satellite TV I can. This is not the temptation about which I am concerned.

On all the Sky and BT channels the coverage is often sponsored by an online betting company, who shall remain nameless. They offer better odds and special combination bets, allow you to cash out early if it looks as if you might be about to lose the bet, etc, etc, etc. . . It’s all very seductive, emphasising the fun/winning side of things and suggesting it’s a way to show how well versed you are in the sport.

The potential problem is that I take medication for my Parkinson’s which can have the side effect of encouraging certain forms of impulse control disorders such as compulsive gambling. I know of one PWP who ran up debts of £30,000 through online gambling.

Luckily my background in mathematics has made my interest in gambling strictly academic so I’m not tempted; but a lot of people will be and not just PWP.

(What impulse control disorders do I have, I hear you ask. Well I love a good spreadsheet and I play Doctor Who Legacy game a lot. If you’ve got a few hours to spare I can show you my Doctor Who Legacy spreadsheet i’m working on to calculate the best combination of characters… no wait, don’t go, it’s really interesting…)


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