The New Year’s Honours List was in the news today and I am delighted to read that many Olympians and Para-Olympians have had their achievements recognised.

There are too many for me to mention all of them because, as the Queen said in her Christmas Message:

There was a time when British Olympic medal winners became household names because there were so few of them. But the 67 medals at this year’s Games in Rio and 147 at the Paralympics meant that the GB medallists’ reception at Buckingham Palace was a crowded and happy event.

If you’ve read my previous posts you’ll know of my admiration for Andy Murray, so his knighthood (along with his record-breaking third BBC Sports Personality of the Year award) pleases me as does a knighthood for Mo Farah the nonpareil long distance runner.

Mo Farah’s story is quite amazing and he called it a “dream come true” for a boy who had arrived in the UK from war-torn Somalia at the age of eight unable to speak English. He is now the most decorated athlete in British athletics history, with nine global titles, and was the first British athlete to win two gold medals at the same world championships. His five gold medals at the European Athletics Championships make him the most successful individual athlete in championships history.

I’m just worried that Andy and Mo will find it hard to match their previous achievements in that heavy and awkward suit of armour knights wear. . . .




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