I’ve found it difficult to find the time and the inspiration for this post. I’ve tried the ‘stare-at-the-screen-until-my-eyes-bleed’ method that I believe was employed by the late Douglas Adams, author of ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. He was famous for his inability to meet deadlines. He once said “I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly past.”
The main distraction has been the ATP Finals from the O2 Arena.
In previous years my much better half and I have been to a session at the finals, but the tickets for the parts of the arena that are not terrifying steep for an ordinary watcher, let alone a PwP with compromised balance, are very expensive. The format has the top 8 players in the rankings play in two groups of 4 with the top two in each group meeting in the semifinals.
It is the last event of the season and sometimes the qualifiers look and play as if they are exhausted from the long season and if you are unlucky you get to see two sets of doubles and then a singles match which is won by the player making the fewest mistakes.
This year the big story was the rivalry between Andy Murray, the British #1 from Dunblane in Scotland and Novak Djokovic the Serbian #1. The Serb had an amazing first half of the season, winning the Australian and French Opens, beating Andy in both finals, as well as countless other titles. He became only the third man in history to hold all four of the Grand Slam at once. He was ranked #1 in the world and had an unassailable lead in the race to be the #1 player for 2016.
At the first grass court tournament of the season it was announced that the legendary Ivan Lendl had rejoined Andy Murray’s coaching team. How much effect this had on Andy winning the final at Queen’s against Milos Raonic after being a set and a break down is open to debate. All eyes turned to South West London and Wimbledon…


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