Things that are irritating now I have PD
#2 in a series of many
Having to plan

Ah spontaneity, how I miss you.
The snap decision to go somewhere.
Ok let’s go!

Hang on, where are my tablets… and my bottle of water… and my cup , in case I need to take the dissolvable tablet…
Just look at the time! I’m due a tablet in 10 minutes I’ll be no good for anything until that kicks in…

Where is it we’re going? Oh! Okay that’s not too bad.
What’s the weather going to do? I’ll better take my coat in case it’s cold. I know it’s a sunny September day but you know how I feel the cold.

Okay let’s go.

When are we having lunch? It’s just that I have to eat a quarter of an hour before eating or wait half an hour after eating, otherwise my tablets don’t work properly. Mind you if it’s too long since breakfast, I might have a dizzy spell.

A walk? Round the grounds of a historic building? Just look how uneven that path is, it’s not so much a path as a trip hazard. I’ll wait here on the bench, no really I don’t mind.

Ah good you’re back, I’m getting cold here in the shade; what’s that? Why didn’t I move? Well look at how low the bench is and have a guess!

A drink? Thanks but I’d better not, I won’t make it home without needing the loo.

Home at last, well that was a nice day out wasn’t it?


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